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Premier league competition is the best football league in the world because of the budgets, money and attention.

The Premier League is considered by many to be the best league in the world.

The most spectacular style of play, clubs that make large investments every summer, a unique atmosphere in the stadiums and great competitiveness make English football a different league from the others. It is true that the Spanish clubs are the European monarchs with Real Madrid as champion of the Champions League and Sevilla, who did the same in the Europa League. It is also that last season the walking of English clubs in Europe was not the best, because Manchester United was the one who went further, reaching the quarterfinals of Champions. But this year can be very different. England will be the league that will have the most teams competing for the title, and the arrival of players like Cesc Fabregas, Ánder Herrera, Diego Costa and Alexis Sánchez will make the Premier level grow this year.

The preseason has shown that the main English clubs begin to achieve the best performance and may compete at the highest level since the start of the tournament. Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool will seek to overthrow the Manchester clubs that have won the Premier in 7 of the last 8 years and of course, Arsenal will look for their first league title in 10 years after finishing the curse they had in drought for one of each. On the other hand, Liverpool are looking for their first England Premier league title as such, since since 1990 the Anfield club has failed to be crowned champion. Finally, Chelsea wants its fifth Premier, a tournament that has not won since 2010 and is precisely the only club that broke the hegemony of the 2 Manchester teams. But that's not all, the fight for European positions will be very exciting with clubs like Tottenham, who each year are emerging as the cover, perhaps the only club capable of being higher on the table than any of the 5 contestants.

On the other hand, the Everton of Roberto Martínez that has managed to reinforce well and will seek to emulate the fifth site achieved last year. What Southampton, England's revelation team last year but whose great figures emigrated to the league contenders, will be pending. The descent will not be foreign to the spectacle, last year the fight for not descending had emotion until the end where West Bromwich achieved the permanence by only 3 points. The ascended Leicester City, Burnley and QPR will also fight for permanence. Leicester surpassed 100 points last year in the Championship, while the QPR seeks to consolidate an ambitious project in the category that in the past was characterized by the failure of its "bomb" signings. The large number of games played each year by English clubs help teams take their best form faster, but it can also be counterproductive towards the end of the season, so the work of the coaches is essential to maintain a healthy team and with a good rotation that allows them to maintain competitiveness. The 2014-2015 Premier League begins, English football has the possibility of forming the most exciting league in Europe this year, and English clubs will seek to claim European football.

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